Recruitment for Graduate Students for 2023

Drs. Orihel (Queen’s) and Katzenback (Waterloo) are recruiting MSc and/or PhD students to join our research team to study the effects of microplastics on the health of amphibians, as part of a unique whole-ecosystem experiment at the world renowned IISD-Experimental Lakes Area.

Project Description: Despite concerns of the potential impact of plastic pollution on aquatic organisms, few studies have examined the effects of exposure to microplastics on the health status of amphibians. The successful applicants will conduct research to evaluate whether exposure to microplastics causes sublethal effects on immunity, reproduction, and/or behaviour in anuran species.

Desired Qualifications
Successfully completed a thesis-based BSc (for MSc applicants) or MSc (for PhD applicants) in the biological sciences.
Meaningful research experience in ONE or more of: immunology, molecular biology, animal/amphibian physiology, bioinformatics, animal behaviour, animal ecology, herpetology, and/or ecotoxicology.
Be able to work independently and collaboratively, and possess strong verbal and written communication skills.
Open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents only.

Application Process
Apply before 30-Jun by sending an e-mail to Dr. Katzenback ( and Dr. Orihel ( using the subject line “Microplastics 2023” and including:
1) One-page cover letter that outlines your research interests and how they align with the project;
2) Curriculum vitae;
3) Unofficial transcripts; and
4) A writing sample (e.g. thesis or journal article).

Our groups strive to be a diverse, equitable, inclusive and collaborative community that supports and empowers each individual to cultivate their potential and achieve their professional goals. We welcome and encourage applications from Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minority/racialized groups, members of LGBTQ2+ communities, and other under-represented persons. Successful students will enrol at the University of Waterloo under Dr. Katzenback’s supervision or at Queen’s University under Dr. Orihel’s supervision. Start date negotiable.

You are welcome to download our poster and share it on your networks: 2023_RecruitmentFlyer (850MB)

Chloe and Chris’s Article Accepted for Publication

Congratulations to Chloe Robinson and Chris Elvidge, whose paper “Chemical communication in wood frog (Rana sylvatica) tadpoles is influenced by early-life exposure to naphthenic acid fraction compounds” has been accepted for publication in Aquatic Toxicology. The authors are as follows: Chris K. Elvidge, Chloe E. Robinson, Rowena A. Caza, L. Mark Hewitt, Richard A. Frank, and Diane M. Orihel.