QE3 Research Demonstrates a Green Technology Can Make Tailings Ponds Less Toxic to Fish

Congratulations to QE3 lab members Barry Madison, Jessie Reynolds, and Lauren Halliwell on a new paper in FACETS about a green technology to make oil sands tailings ponds less toxic to fish. This paper is the result of a great collaboration with Frank Gu’s lab that was made possible by Queen’s Research Opportunity Funds. The paper “Can the toxicity of naphthenic acids in oil sands process-affected water be mitigated by a green photocatalytic method?” is available from FACETS.
abstract of NATiOX research study

QE3 Attends QUBS Open House

QE3 students enjoyed talking to the public about our research at the Queen’s University Biological Station Open House.
At this event, the Queen’s University Biological Station welcomes local residents, cottagers, and families to learn more about research conducted at the field station. If you missed this year’s Open House, look out for next years’ event, posted in the QUBS events list.

students stand beside a poster about the QE3 Research Group
Eden, Jessie, and Brianna with a poster about the QE3 Lab (authored by Jeff) at the QUBS Open House on June 23.