Johanna Mason Defends Thesis

Johanna Mason presents her MES thesis.

Congratulations to QE3 graduate student Johanna Mason, who successfully defended her Master of Environnmental Studies thesis, “Stable isotope analyses reveal minimal incorporation of petrogenic carbon into a freshwater food web after experimental spills of diluted bitumen” today!

A Conversation on Sustainability with Federal Candidates

Yesterday, we welcomed three federal candidates (Barrington Walker, Mark Gerretsen, and Candice Christmas) for Kingston and the Islands to discuss and answer questions on sustainability. Organized by SustainabilityAction, topics included social and environmental justice, indigenous reconciliation, commitment to climate action, investing in public transit and green technologies, banning single-use plastics, regionalizing food systems, and more!
QE3 research group members, Diane Orihel and Eden Hataley, moderated the forum.

Eden and candidate Mark Gerretsen.

Don’t forget to vote on Monday, October 21!

Sam Patterson Defends Thesis

Congratulations to QE3 graduate student Sam Patterson, who successfully defended his Master of Environnmental Studies thesis, “An investigation of the toxicological impacts of oil sands products and pollutants on developing amphibians” today!

Sam and Diane celebrate his successful defence on July 17.