Chloe and Chris’s Article Accepted for Publication

Congratulations to Chloe Robinson and Chris Elvidge, whose paper “Chemical communication in wood frog (Rana sylvatica) tadpoles is influenced by early-life exposure to naphthenic acid fraction compounds” has been accepted for publication in Aquatic Toxicology. The authors are as follows: Chris K. Elvidge, Chloe E. Robinson, Rowena A. Caza, L. Mark Hewitt, Richard A. Frank, and Diane M. Orihel.

Queen's students sorting plastic samples collected from Lake Ontario.

Dr. Diane Orihel Leads Queen’s Students in Helping Clean Up Lake Ontario

The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup project has the goal of bringing awareness to plastic in our environment, while also actively removing some of the pollutants from the Great Lakes. This September, students in Dr. Orihel’s 4th year Ecotoxicology course spent time helping with The Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup project by identifying pollutant waste in the Seabins that collect debris from Lake Ontario during field trips to Portsmouth Harbour. See more in the Queen’s Gazette.