Natasha Neves

Master’s Student, Biology

I am a Brazilian ecologist interested in mitigating and understanding contamination effects on aquatic ecosystems. Growing up by the Atlantic Ocean made me passionate about the outdoors, but also concerned about the number of marine debris on beach areas. My passion and indignation motivated me to pursue a career in Ecology. During my undergraduate studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), I worked on conservation projects for endangered butterfly species, sea turtle populations, and corral reefs ecosystems. After finding out about microplastic pollution and its potential negative effects on wildlife, I knew I had to act and be part of the solution. In my honors thesis, I evaluated microplastic contamination in crabs from a densely populated bay. I am currently investigating microplastic effects on the biodiversity and development of litter-associated macroinvertebrates at the IISD-Experimental Lakes Area as part of the pELAstic team. I hope to make a positive impact on biodiversity conservation while enjoying life close to water bodies!