Sabrina Rasna

Undergraduate Student Volunteer, Biotechnology

Having been brought up by parents who studied fisheries, I was exposed to the beauty of nature and how we co-exist with it from an early age. I grew up in Bangladesh, a third world country where the people are accustomed to the declines of species and the environment itself. I once visited the mangroves when I was nine years old, where majestic Bengal tigers frequently roamed, only to find out their populations have depleted enough that they haven’t been seen in the area for months; due to the lack of education, my own country was struggling to save its national animal. I was then positive that I wanted to learn more about conservation efforts, idolize existing environmentalists, and find out how I could be of help in my position. I am fortunate to have immigrated to a country like Canada, that is boosting with wildlife and pursue my passion to help preserve the naturality of these environments. Currently, I am a second-year undergraduate student studying Biotechnology at Queen’s University. I am the Youth Outreach Chair for the club Conservation Queen’s in which I carry out school presentations and workshops to raise awareness about endangered species. I have experience collaborating with like-minded individuals by being a project member in Queen’s Applied Biotechnology Team and one of the marketing coordinators for the Biology Department Student Council. I am enthusiastic about joining the QE3 lab as a volunteer and hope that through this opportunity I will become more well-versed in current environmental issues.