Lucy X. Chen

Lab Technician

I recently graduated from Queen’s University with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Philosophy. I developed an interest in energy issues during my second year of undergrad, when I got an NSERC scholarship to do a summer project studying the effect of diluted bitumen affect fish embryos in a simulated spill. I joined QE3 in the summer of 2017, once again as an NSERC student, to examine the effect of contaminated snowmelt in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region on the behaviour of wood frog tadpoles. I am currently collaborating with Sam Patterson on a manuscript combining both of our works on wood frogs.

I am a big advocate for science communication and scientific literacy, which I consider indispensable for civil discourse in this increasingly complex world.  I dream of becoming a science advisor for policymakers one day, but until then, I can be found amassing vast amounts of information from the internet by binge-watching nature documentaries and political commentaries.