Julia Weder

Undergraduate Honour’s Thesis Student, Biology

I am currently working on an undergraduate Honours thesis as I complete an Environmental Biology Specialization at Queen’s University. I began my university studies with an interest in a variety of subjects, but soon became most keenly focused on the issue of climate change. I recently joined the QE3 lab to focus on a pressing aquatic ecological issue: the use of an herbicide to control the invasive wetland reed Phragmites, and how this chemical – glyphosate – may be indirectly affecting amphibians via their food. My research explores glyphosate’s potential impacts on the behaviour and development of green frog tadpoles.

I am strongly motivated to bridge the science-policy gap, and I am interested in how perceptions of our environment shape our behaviour. Beyond the lab, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, learning new instruments, and losing track of time in bookstores.