Hannah Kosichek

Undergraduate Honour’s Thesis Student, Biology

I am currently completing my Honour’s Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology at Queen’s University. I am in my fourth year, doing my honours thesis with Diane Orihel, looking at how diluted bitumen affects aquatic ecosystems and and how they affect freshwater phytoplankton communities over time in relation to ecosystem function. I am very interested in pursuing research that analyzes human impact on both marine and freshwater ecosystems and am working towards a conservation-oriented job or project. Through research projects, I hope to understand the consequences of ecological impact as a result of aquatic pollution and the long terms effects of bioaccumulation in fish and other aquatic species. Looking at ecotoxicology in aquatic plants and animals is a field of research I am very motivated and passionate to work in. In my free time I love to do anything outdoors, including skiing, hiking, swimming, dog walks and playing in the snow during winter!