Eloise Teboul

Undergraduate Honour’s Thesis Student, Environmental Studies

I am an exchange student from France, specializing in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry at Queen’s University through the TASSEP exchange program. I studied Chemistry and Process Engineering for 4 years followed by a one year internship in an industrial Laboratory in Ireland.
I have always cared deeply about the environment and biodiversity conservation, which is the reason why I want to put my knowledge of analytical chemistry to the service of the wellbeing of our planet. I joined the QE3 lab to complete my 4th year Honours thesis in chemistry where I will be identifying the polymers of plastic particles isolated first from polar bear scat and freshwater sediments using an FTIR. I believe it is essential to understand the consequences of pollution at the whole ecosystem level to trigger real actions towards an efficiently sustainable future. Outside of the lab, I enjoy travelling, canoeing and hiking.