Elisa Lopez

Undergraduate Student Intern

I am a fourth year student at Polytech Nice-Sophia, a French engineering school, specializing in Toxicology and Safety in Health and Environment. I have joined the QE3 lab in order to complete a three-month internship within the framework of my schooling, and I will study the impact of microplastics on organisms living in lakes.
I am particularly interested in ecotoxicology and more specifically on aquatic organisms. I completed a project on coral bleaching caused by benzopenone, a component in sunscreen, and this subject piqued my interest in aquatic ecotoxicology. I realized that numerous aquatic species are threatened by the harmful effects of numerous contaminants and human activities. I would like to find solutions to protect the environment and participate in raising awareness on this topic.
Outside of the lab, I like to do water sports like fishing and kayaking and I’m also passionate about photography.