Sarah Mayo

Volunteer, Undergraduate Student

Having grown up in Switzerland, most of my childhood was spent outdoors, roaming the fields and forests and mountains. Nature holds a special place in my heart, and it’s a gift to have so much protected land here in Canada. My passion for environmental justice has prompted me to pursue opportunities where I’m able to learn how humankind can do better for the planet and make reparations for the damage we have caused. Currently, I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Environmental Biology at Queen’s University. I also completed a 2-month internship last summer at the Tamera Peace Research and Education Center in Portugal, where I studied permaculture, sustainable living, and regenerative landscapes. I am excited to now join the QE3 lab as an author for a literature review concerning the ingestion and accumulation of microplastics in Herpetofauna, and as a volunteer working on microplastics in polar bear scat. Through these roles, I look forward to better understanding the impacts of microplastics in Canadian landscapes and developing skills in scientific writing and research.