Popular Article on the BOREAL Project Published in The Conversation

Jeffrey Cederwall and Sawyer Stoyanovich (UOttawa collaborator on BOREAL – Boreal-lake Oil Release Experiments by Additions to Limnocorrals) have co-authored an article in the Conversation based on the 2017 pilot project conducted at the IISD Experimental Lakes Area and their previously published scientific articles.
Read the article in The Conversation or the original scientific articles in ET&C and CJFAS.

QE3 Research Demonstrates a Green Technology Can Make Tailings Ponds Less Toxic to Fish

Congratulations to QE3 lab members Barry Madison, Jessie Reynolds, and Lauren Halliwell on a new paper in FACETS about a green technology to make oil sands tailings ponds less toxic to fish. This paper is the result of a great collaboration with Frank Gu’s lab that was made possible by Queen’s Research Opportunity Funds. The paper “Can the toxicity of naphthenic acids in oil sands process-affected water be mitigated by a green photocatalytic method?” is available from FACETS.
abstract of NATiOX research study