Welcome New Students

Yesterday, we warmly welcomed four new undergraduate students to the QE3 research group: Minoli Dias, Kate Brouwer, Brianna Jackson, and Sarah Mayo. We are also happy that Jessie Reynolds will continue to be an important part of our research team in her new role as an M.Sc. student in the Queen’s Department of Biology.

Jessie, Kate, Minoli, Barry, Jeff, Brianna, and Sarah at a Welcome Lunch for new students.

Article published on Slashing Plastic Waste

Diane Orihel and colleague Chelsea Rochman (University of Toronto) wrote an opinion piece on single-use plastics that was published in the Conversation and National Post last week.
Plastics continue to be found across the planet (even in remote locations). To ameliorate this, governments are introducing legislation to limit the use of single-use plastics. Notably, we can reduce our contributions by reusing mugs, bottles, and containers; bringing our own shopping bags; and not using disposable dishes and cutlery for meals. Read the full article at the Conversation.