QE3 hosts Canadian radio journalist at Queen’s

Molly Segal presenting about science commuication
On February 5th, QE3 Research Group hosted inspiring Canadian radio journalist Molly Segal, from Banff, Alberta. Molly’s work focuses on science and environment, ranging from 3-minute news reports to documentaries up to an hour long, which air across North America on public radio and podcasts. While at Queen’s, Ms. Segal guest lectured to our undergraduate students in Communications in Environmental Science on the topic of producing and editing audio stories. Ms. Segal convinced us of the profound power of using voice and sound in storytelling. To the benefit of faculty and students alike, she conducted a seminar titled “The Taxonomy of an Audio Story” in the School of Environmental Studies Seminar Series. In the presentation, Ms. Segal deconstructed the elements of an audio story which radio journalists utilise when interviewing scientists about their research. With much appreciation, we would like to thank Molly Segal for sharing her expertise and putting yet another tool in our kit!

Molly Segal’s visit was made possible by the Queen’s University Experiential Learning Projects Fund.